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  • WAHL HOME PRODUCTS has been a leader in the industry for more than 100 years.

The company’s founder, Leo J. WAHL Home Products, invented the first electromagnetic clipper and had more than 100 patents in his name, all of which shaped the future of personal and professional grooming.

  • It is the brand used by professionals.

Barbers, hair stylists & masters of the professional grooming art pick WAHL HOME PRODUCTS over any other competing brand.

  • WAHL HOME PRODUCTS is world-renowned and prioritizes customer care.

WAHL HOME PRODUCTS is the number one company in the industry with a presence in 165 countries and 1500 employees worldwide. Each member of WAHL HOME PRODUCTS’ team works with an aim to design, build and promote quality tools and products, bearing in mind that customer satisfaction is a top priority. 

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WAHL Products | General Information

Waterproof WAHL HOME PRODUCTS are exceptional. You can expect:

  • A mess-free grooming experience, as they are easy to use in the shower which helps with removing any unwanted hair.
  • Easy maintenance, as you can easily wash them under running water.
  • Flexibility, as their unique design grants them long-lasting cordless run time and faster charging.

Clippers: WAHL HOME PRODUCTS clippers are generally ideal for haircutting, beard shaping and body grooming. Usually due to their large cutting width they promise quick results over large areas. Clippers with a cutting width of 40mm are best suited for beard or detail styling, while the ones with a cutting width of about 46mm are great for haircuts. Some sport a taper lever, a zero-overlap system, or a vast array of accessories thus taking anyone’s personal grooming experience to the next level.

Trimmers: WAHL HOME PRODUCTS trimmers can be used for beard shaping and body grooming, as well as style detailing. They usually sport blades with a cutting width ranging from 30mm and 32mm and a low cutting length usually around 0.5mm, ideal for beard, moustache, body and hair trimming. Some sport interchangeable heads (Tribal, T-Blade) and a variety of guide-combs, ideal for eyebrow trimming, nose and ear hair shaping, as well as bikini grooming.

Barber ShaverWAHL HOME PRODUCTS barber shavers are great for “freshening up” a look, shaving the neck area and creating perfect fades. Use them daily to maintain your beard’s or neckline’s shape.

It is important to store grooming appliances in dry places, as moisture can affect their performance. It is equally important to store them after following the maintenance guidelines provided in the original packaging. Always remove any stray hairs with a cleaning brush and make sure the blades are oiled correctly. Cover them before storage.

Most of the WAHL HOME PRODUCTS Home Products grooming tools are equipped with self-sharpening stainless-steel or high carbon steel blades. The high carbon steel keeps the blades sharp after every use, while the stainless steel helps with endurance and longevity. As a result, WAHL HOME PRODUCTS’s top-tier blades offer great results.

No, you shouldn’t unless otherwise stated on the device’s packaging & instructions! Only waterproof personal grooming appliances can be washed such as Aqua Groom, Aqua Trim, and Aqua Shave. Tools equipped with waterproof blades or water-resistant heads head such as the Haircut and Beard, Advance Lithium, Hybrid Corded, Hybrid LCD, Hybrid LED, Li Pro Fade LCD, Lithium Pro Fade and Beard and Stubble must be maintained according to the advice provided on the packaging or instructions.

Should there be a relevant indication as mentioned above, blades or heads can be washed under running water, following the maintenance guidelines provided.

Please see the table below for more information on water resistant scores you might encounter on this website:

IPXX: Waterproof Protection

IPX0 | No protection

IPX5 | Water that falls under pressure on the device will not enter it

IPX1 | Water drops that fall vertically won’t enter the device

IPX6 | No water from temporary flood will enter the device

IPX2 | Water drops that fall with up to 15 degrees will not enter the device

IPX7 | Water will not enter the device when underwater for a certain amount of time and pressure

IPX3 | Water drops that fall with up to 60 degrees will not enter the device

IPX8 | No water will enter the device when permanently underwater at a certain pressure

IPX4 | Sprayed Water will not enter the device from any direction


The main factors affecting a grooming appliance's efficiency are strict production rules and quality controls set by every company. WAHL HOME PRODUCTS enforces strict regulations on production and control, regardless of the country that the devices are made in. As such the production country is chosen based on its potential to follow said regulations to the letter as well as each product’s characteristics. Once a country has been selected, an extended research by specialized WAHL HOME PRODUCTS employees is carried out to optimize the environment, while WAHL HOME PRODUCTS partners perform continuous Quality Control checks on all stages of production, so as to make sure that every device meets the company’s standards.

WAHL Products | Technical Information

Clippers and Trimmers

The taper lever allows you to change the closeness of your cut between cutting lengths. Moving the lever up for a closer cut, and down for a longer cut. This is particularly useful for fading and blending as you can be more precise with your cutting lengths.

The short answer is yes. As mentioned above the taper lever allows you to change the closeness of your cut between cutting lengths. Moving the lever up for a closer cut, and down for a longer cut. The devices equipped with a Taper Control as well as guide-combs allow for infinite styling combinations and possibilities, making the creation of styles with blends and fades or other complex haircuts easier than ever.

Some devices come with innovative color coded guide combs, it making it easy to remember your favourite lengths. Simply match the color comb to the length you need indicated on the handy code on the front of the clipper’s body.

PowerDrive: This high-tech electromagnetic motor offers 35% more speed and cutting power than its regular counterparts.

Premium PowerDrive: This is an advanced version of the PowerDrive motor. It offers 40% more speed and cutting power than its regular counterparts.

Electromagnetic motors: Most WAHL HOME PRODUCTS devices are equipped with this type of motor. It produces more SPM (Strokes Per Minute) in a shorter amount of time, while it boasts of a long lifetime as it is made up of only two pieces of equipment: a spring and a magnet.

Rotary motor: Some WAHL HOME PRODUCTS grooming appliances are equipped with rotary motors. They guarantee powerful performance and more torque than other types since they produce more RPMs (Revolutions Per Minute).

Pet Care

WAHL HOME PRODUCTS offers a large range of pet-grooming appliances to choose from. See the table below to choose the clipper or trimmer best suited for grooming your pet:

Fur Type    

Grooming Appliance

Double coated, silk, thin and/or short.


Tough, curly, long, silk, combo coated.


Double coated, silk, long, and combo coated.


Silk, long, and combo coated.


Soft or short.


Silk or combo coated.


WAHL Products | Support

K.A. ZAZOPOULOS S.A. is WAHL HOME PRODUCTS Home Products’ sole authorised representative in Greece. The company’s service & repairs department remains the only officially authorised body in Greece & Cyprus which can service or repair WAHL HOME PRODUCTS Home Products grooming appliances purchased from an approved retailer.

Follow the below process to get your WAHL HOME PRODUCTS Home Products appliance checked swiftly:

  • If your device presents a fault of any kind, make sure you have followed the maintenance instructions found in the original packaging and that you have looked into the troubleshooting options provided in the instructions leaflet.
  • If the problem persists, contact the retailer from which you purchased your WAHL HOME PRODUCTS appliance from and they’ll instruct you regarding the next steps. Alternatively, you could raise a contact request here.

Tip: All WAHL HOME PRODUCTS Home Products devices come with a 2-year warranty due to their high-quality build and excellent design.

All WAHL HOME PRODUCTS Home Products devices come with a 2-year warranty due to their high-quality build and excellent design.


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